Product designs I've been daydreaming about

Fenty Beauty

Yes. Everyone is raving about this right now. But how could you not? I could probably write a whole post about the ethics of this brand, the product packaging, the foundation that comes in 40 shades?!? To state the obvious this range is shaking the game UP.

From what I have seen online Rihanna has thought about every detail, especially the packaging. Each product is linked by a beautiful baby pink shade but the repetition of the hexagon and octagon shapes in the collection establishes an excellent visual consistency, building a strong brand identity visually. All the stick products in the collection perfectly interlock (using MAGNETS) with each other creating a beautiful honeycomb pattern. So no more worrying about makeup moving around in your bag. That’s before you even dive into the quality of the products themselves (which I have heard is 10/10)

Most of all however, I love that by producing a product of such high quality and by creating a strong brand both ethically and visually, Rihanna is making makeup fun again. As someone who often finds themselves on the lighter side of the scale, I often can’t find my shade in most foundation collections. I have no doubt now that this will no longer be the case. Makes you wonder what the other beauty brands were doing this whole time. Safe to say this will probably find it’s way into my shopping cart VERY soon.


Kevin Murphy

I love the minimalist movement's ability to push all clutter aside and highlight what should be in focus ... the important stuff. In my opinion Kevin Murphy has nailed this. I find a lot of hair products bombard the eyes with an overload of features and benefits all over their packaging until it is borderline overwhelming (imagine me in a drug store with crazy eyes at this point). It’s refreshing to see product designs that are clear and concise making it easy to understand.

Kevin Murphy has created a strong visual identity through the repetition of shapes and colour across all ranges. Each range is colour coded making it easy to pair up products to achieve the best end result for your hair. Beyond being aesthetically beautiful, each product’s design is functional as well. The square shape utilised across each bottle not only holds more product but uses 40% less packaging. An important detail when you consider the product is often stocked at professional hair salons. This design allows each bottle to occupy less shelf space supplying more room for other products. Not only less space on the self but less space in landfill too.


Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande

I think this perfume is marketed towards the younger female but can we talk about this packaging for a second? There are a few different editions of the product, but this is by far my favourite. Before I realized this was a perfume designed by Ariana Grande, the perfect pastel pink caught my attention initially but let me tell you it matches the perfume’s scent perfectly. It smells like soft candies, marshmallows and rainbows.

Aesthetically I think that the geometric texture can be an approach that is often over done. In this instance however, the pastel pink softens any harsh lines or angles that this texture may have created. The soft pom pom creates a nice reference to the antique glass perfume bottles that were applied by squeezing the puff attached to the bottle.

Although I usually prefer products that have been minimally designed aesthetically, everything about this is so extra to me. You don't have to be an Ariana Grande fan to be a fan of this perfume's design. 



All opinions expressed are completely my own. I am not affiliated with any of the above brands I just really like geeking out over beautiful designs.